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Become a Dealer for Stitch Era Universal

This section is intended only for those who would like to distribute Stitch Era Universal free software (dealer prospects). As the dealers will distribute a customized version (with the dealer name, logo and links), a small investment is required to dealers. This fee doesn’t depend on the number of copies to be distributed.

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about distributed products and the benefits of participating in this program for software free distribution. If you want to distribute our royalty free products, please read carefully the text of this section.

In short, what is the purpose of this?

Sierra Technology Group has developed certain software products and offers them for free to end users. Those who use these applications for both personal and business purposes do not have to pay software license cost. Sierra Technology Group wishes to expand its network of distributors for these products by selecting companies that benefit from this project and at the same time can contribute to reach a greater number of users. The profile of company we are looking for, is one that actually attends the same market of these products, ie, the company already knows to many potential users, and distribution of free software is an unparalleled tool to satisfy customers.

Which are the benefits for the dealer?

There are many benefits. These benefits may depend on the dealer profile and the market it serves (this means that this is an opportunity only for certain companies, not all). Analyze your case. The dealer will offer a custom software, including its name, logo and link. Dealer can deliver Stitch Era Universal (free) to both customers and non customers, serving as a marketing tool to promote dealer business. The first direct benefit is to obtain new contacts for a relatively low cost. The software will display the dealer information to users. The second direct benefit is to assist in the positioning and the memory of the dealer company.You can read about the benefits in the "dealer benefits" section. You may also get a brochure from here.If the dealer wishes to also distribute the commercial version of Stitch Era, it creates a new business opportunity .

What is the cost for the dealer?

The only cost is a small annual fee for customization setup and distribution rights. The distributor will reproduce the required CD copies to distribute.The dealer has no license cost per copy, and may distribute as many units as possible.The dealer will not have to develop any software nor invest in its development. The dealer will not have to pay for software updates or even for support. This is genuinely tool, for free distribution to end users.

What does the user pay?

Nothing. The user will receive the product from you and he / she will be able to load it and use it on more than one computer at the same time. You are welcome to distribute it among colleagues and friends as well so they can use this amazing product as well.Note: at the dealer option, dealer can (only) charge shipping associated costs.

Why would I distribute free software?

We strongly believe the market is ready for products with these features, and we would like to be the first ones to offer it. At the same time, we want to continue to expand our presence in the market and reinforce our image of a solutions provider. We believe you will realize that these products will also give you the same opportunity to reinforce your own image of solutions provider, plus expand your overall presence.Last but not least, we believe there is no better way to explore a possible alliance between our companies in search of common goals.


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You can download here the available update packs. These are incremental versions, not full versions. It is the same package that you update with the Live Update in the program, but here you can download the package once and update as many computers you have the Stitch Era Universal software installed.

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