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New Terms to Download, Install and Use STITCH ERA UNIVERSAL
Starting on July 15, 2013 the terms and conditions to download, install and run STITCH ERA UNIVERSAL have changed. After the installation and activation is done, the software will run 48 hours free (evaluation period). After that time the user must purchase a "Connection Right" to link the software with the servers of STITCH ERA UNIVERSAL to continue using the program.

STITCH ERA UNIVERSAL Software previously installed
Those users who have installed and activated STITCH ERA UNIVERSAL before that date, will get the "Connection Right" to use the software at no cost up to December 31, 2013. This benefit does not apply for new software, but only for those software which were previously active. If for some reason these software must be replaced (on the same computer or another), the new conditions for downloading STITCH ERA UNIVERSAL will apply.

Previous versions of STITCH ERA UNIVERSAL
No previous versions of STITCH ERA UNIVERSAL will be activated, whether these copies come from downloaded files or installation CDs. Only STITCH ERA UNIVERSAL version 11.30 and later can be installed and activated.

Costs and Availability of STITCH ERA UNIVERSAL
Starting on July 15, 2013, STITCH ERA UNIVERSAL can be downloaded and installed in all countries, as well as getting the "Connection Right" to use STITCH ERA UNIVERSAL. There are two editions of the software: SEU EXPRESS and SEU STANDARD. The average cost of such editions are: USD 2.00 / 3.00 per month for SEU EXPRESS edition and USD 8.00 / 12.00 per month for the SEU STANDARD edition. The dealers offer may vary.

Read about STITCH ERA UNIVERSAL features and the list of dealers on the website

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An application that will allow you to create highly realistic embroidery and screen printing simulations on 2D & 3D models, as well as output those samples to print or video, whether for a catalog or web site. You will also be able to use this program to create quotes and estimates for your customers.

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We are currently seeking retail outlets to freely distribute Stitch Era ® Universal software in some countries. If you are interested in becoming a value dealer, please contact us through the Become a Dealer section. Here

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You can download here the available update packs. These are incremental versions, not full versions. It is the same package that you update with the Live Update in the program, but here you can download the package once and update as many computers you have the Stitch Era Universal software installed.

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